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Showing best side  
Schmoozing at events  
Campaign ready for lift off  
Campaign tub  
Schmoozing with concert goers Concert in the park ... our classic summertime event.
Costume contest winners at parade Costume contest winners at parade.
Miss Liberty at parade Shea as Lady Liberty in Training.
Team Luchini in New Orleans The Liberty gang taking a break for cafe au lait & beignets during the 2018 Libertarian Convention in New Orleans.
Team Luchini In Parade What's Independence Day without a parade??
Team Luchini does Juior Rifle Instruction Training riflepersons of the future
Team Luchini does Juior Rifle Instruction Bore sighting a new acquisition.
Team Luchini rafts Low water level in the Box makes it interesting!
Team Luchini rafts More water, less sharks.
Team Luchini kicks back Missus Sheriff Luchini poses with one of the unshaven street people who populate Seattle.